Seems like every year the Woker-Than-Thou Intellectual Negro Justice League collectively take to the internet streets, donning their black as fuck super hero costumes (complete with RBG flag capes), to wag their fingers at the rest of us poor, colonized black folk for having the shameful audacity to… wait for it… enjoy ourselves on the 4th of July.

Every year they climb up to every rooftop and mountain peak they can find to set their soapboxes up and shout down to the unsuspecting black collective, still fast asleep and desperately in need of their knowledge bombs, “wE WeRe sTilL slAveS oN INdePeNdeNce dAy, sO wHY aRe YOU COONS cEleBRaTinG?!?!”


Nigga, look…

July 4th is an early summer day, usually falling during the work week, where most of the people you know have the day off making it decidedly convenient for folk to get together and barbeque, fry fish and set off fireworks because fireworks are fucking cool. That’s it. That’s about as deep as it gets for the strong majority of black Americans.

Why you faux-revolutionary, dollar store Hueys and discount Malcolms insist on pretending the average black 4th of July cookout comes draped in red, white and blue table cloths, Thomas Jefferson mosaics and Statue Of Liberty center pieces, I will never understand.

How it is that you niggas can pile your plates with turkey, yams, dressing, cranberry sauce and mac and cheese every Thanksgiving because “it’s about family and gratitude, not the slaughter of indigenous people!” but can’t apply that same logic to 4th of July festivities will always be beyond me.

But y’all are annoying as fuck and that “wisdom” you are so dedicated to bludgeoning us to death with every year is neither original or, in any significant way, useful. Its very much an arbitrary gripe.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you successfully encourage black people to collectively refrain from congregating and enjoying each other’s company over food and music and, instead, stay home unaccompanied in bitter, silent protest of this fraudulent “Independence Day”; what does that do for us exactly?

Does it bring us any closer to our black Utopian visualization of freedom or actual independence? Does it move uz towards bringing the economic gap? Would it serve as a push back against police brutality, mass incarceration, racial exploitation, housing discrimination, educational resource disparity or anything else plaguing us as a people?

Would our solidified refusal to celebrate the 4th of July be anything more than a symbolic victory? Would it even be that? Would white America give a shit or even notice? Should we give a shit that they give a shit? Would our refusal to observe the 4th because “that’s what white people do” not, in and of itself, be an unnecessary centering of the white gaze? Because when we say shit like, “You don’t see white people celebrating Juneteenth, so why should we celebrate their holidays?” it almost sounds like we’re upholding what white people do or don’t do as a standard for us to counter. And I just don’t see how that isn’t just us giving them power they don’t deserve and never even asked for

In short: if you don’t wish to observe the 4th, don’t. Its fine and perfectly understandable. But, my nigga, let the rest of us live. Trust that we haven’t forgotten history and that we know well what “Amerikkka” is. We just want to make our mother fuckin plates. Chill.




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