All day yesterday, I kept seeing a small handful of stories being shared around about black women planning to boycott Black Panther because Michael B. Jordan is dating a non black woman. All I can say to this is….

Niggas, relax.

In 2018 we ALL have got to stop giving our energy to every piece of obvious click bait that we come across in our feeds. A few reasons why this is obvious bullshit:

1. The few publications I’ve seen reporting on this all include several tweets by people responding to an alleged call for a boycott, but not one single tweet actually calling for one. Not one example of the thing you’re purporting as a wide spread trend?… nah son, dassa red flag.

2. Bruh, if black women boycotted every black program or film with a black male actor who’s dating/married outside the race, they would NEVER SEE SHIT BLACK. Black women were the target demographic for The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday, and they supported the films in droves even though, outside of Morris Chestnut, all of them niggas are married to white women (and you know they knew… black women know who everybody black is married to… this is fact). They also didn’t boycott Empire, Get Out, Luke Cage, Atlanta… y’all, I could go on for days if I wasn’t minding the word count on this bish. The point is, I’m pretty sure they ain’t gon wait for the mecca of blackity blackness to hit the big screen to start standing firm in that particular conviction.

3. Even if this was a real story (which I’m sure it’s not) y’all know it’s the kind of thing like 12 people will participate in. Black people been on 10 about Black Panther for over a year now. We lose our collective shit every time a new trailer drops. We’ve been buying dashikis and drawing whole ass blueprints on how we plan to sneak our snacks in theaters since like May (and y’all know damn well black women ain’t boycotting shit they done already picked out their outfits for….. again guys, these are facts). In short….

Ain’t no boycott, bih. Chill.

So who believes this nonsense? Well, unfortunately, seems to be mostly black people. Every comment I’ve seen under these articles has been full of hotep, crab in a bucket doom and gloom about black people (black women in particular) bringing down the race every time we get a little shine.

But why believe something so ridiculous? My theory is simple: misogynoir.

I think a lot of us (white people and black men in particular) look for any and every reason to throw black women under the bus… mainly because we’re tired of them being so goddamn right all the time.

Black women have been winning the social media culture war for the last few years and running. They’ve lead the charge against respectability politics, slut shaming and anti blackness. They spearheaded a little known movement called Black Lives Matter (maybe you’ve heard of it?) and continue to be active participants in it no matter how removed they’ve become from the narrative. And you can’t be loud and wrong on any comment thread under any publication with a large black following without hordes of smart black women reading you for every last bit of your filth.

Many of us can’t stand it – not because of how condescending, obnoxious and drag-happy many of them can be, but – because they navigate intellectual laziness with such ease and fineness while what ever poor soul they’re up against struggles to keep up and find a leg to stand on.

This boycott… this was our moment to look black feminists/womanists dead in their digital faces and shout, “Biiiiiiiih, Y’ALL DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU TALKIN BOUT!”

Side note: A lot of folks have tried to draw a connection between this and the demise of Nate Parker’s Birth Of A Nation. Guys, stop. Even if you believe Parker is innocent (I believe he, at the very least, facilitated a rape), I think we can all agree boycotting a film because the writer, director and star was accused of rape is a damn sight different than boycotting because a supporting actor is accused of…. dating a racially ambiguous woman.

Yes, this was our moment in the sun to take these pesky, self righteous and mostly right about everything black woman down a peg…

…if these stories were true…. which they’re clearly not… so this is dumb.

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