I’ll start by quoting my Facebook status update from just last May:

“Dear decent white people on the interwebs,

Get your cousins.
Get your cousins, get your friends, get your fo’ folk, your aunties, your great grand uncles, your sister’s cousin baby momma’s auntie friend Sally, Jessie AND Raphael. Get your neighbor. Get your neighbor’s neighbor. Get your whoooooole neighborhood watch. Shit, get the whole damn white delegation.

Thanks with love,
Black management”

Of course the post gave a bunch of my followers a good chuckle, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize and examine the fact that it came much more from a place of frustration than levity.
I was tired…

I was tired from sacrificing a few million once perfectly healthy brain cells reading through the comment sections of race-based web articles – thread after thread, chock full of black folks trying to navigate oblivious whiteness. At some point we really need to ask ourselves why we even bother. Why are we losing solid hours out of our day, wearing our fingertips numb on keyboards and touch screens in attempt to explain to some dense ass dude-bro why “All lives matter” is a fucked up and functionally redundant response to “Black lives matter”?

My people, please trust me when I tell you, we’ve spelled it out for white America a hundred different ways that their beloved police forces, all over this nation, are abounding with officers who are simply more volatile, fearful and prone to harassment and abuse of power when dealing with us – and it’s costing us our lives. We’ve laid out all the statistics and all of our millions of personal testimonies and we have made it amply clear that, while the subject of police brutality, as a sensationalized national discussion covered by mainstream media, is a relatively new phenomenon, it is an issue as old our involuntary occupation of this country. With all of this information readily available and reiterated ad nauseam, it’s beyond ridiculous that the simple words “black lives matter” require any added explanation at all. And yet, here we are coming up with a dozen analogies trying to, even further, simplify it.

We out here like…

“Uh… uh, hey man,
You wouldn’t go to a cancer rally shouting ‘All diseases matter’ would ya?”

“Uhh hey Scottie,
‘Save the rain forest’ doesn’t mean ‘fuck all the other forests'”

“Hey…hey, wait a minute Kip… Greg… Jon… Connor… Pattie… Mayonnaise…
When a house is burning you don’t turn the fire hose on some non burning house because #AllHousesMatter”

Y’all, can we please STOP THIS SHIT?!

Never mind the fact that we are now juxtaposing the fate of inanimate objects with the fate of black lives in hopes that it’ll aid us in garnering empathy – We need to stop acting like white people don’t take the same reading comprehension portions of standardized tests all through middle and high school that we do – they know how the fuck analogies work. They got it the first time – they just didn’t care.

If they really considered the affirmation of one life mattering to be a denial of the same for all others, then they would consider “Blue Lives Matter” to be just as offensive as “Black Lives Matter” – but they don’t.

Not only are they unoffended by #BlueLivesMatter, but – while they consider any concession or policy change aimed at countering black vulnerability to be unearned special treatment (oh, the irony) – they actively advocate giving police officers protected class status, completely oblivious of the fact that they already have it.

Only, I’m not sure they’re legitimately oblivious. I mean, these mother fuckers live here too, right?

They know damn well there isn’t a state, city or county in this country where the penalties for crimes committed against cops aren’t a hell of a lot steeper than they are for civilians. They know they don’t need a protest, riot or hash tag to ensure that thorough investigations will be done to bring cop killers to justice. They’re not worried about dead cops being put on trial for their own murders. They’re not worried about a not guilty verdict for the murderers of police officers or even a reluctance to bring charges. No one’s looking into a dead cops record fishing for reasons to justify his/her demise. They know good and well that cops have the federal and local governments, the “blue wall” and the delusional admiration of the vast majority of (white) America in their corner.

So how could anyone possibly believe that we, as a society and as a system, don’t already do everything in our collective powers to ensure that value be placed on police lives?

Could it be that white people actually aren’t as concerned with supporting the police as they are in maintaining a counter narrative to black complaints about racist police misconduct? Could it be that their counter narratives to race issues in general are largely disingenuous and, often, just fucking spiteful?

Could it be… and I’m just spit-balling here…

But, could white folks just be… like… completely full of shit?

This is why I submit that black people should simply disengage with white America in discussions about race all together. Let them have their little Klan-esque circle-jerks in the Yahoo and USA Today comment sections. We need to stop arguing with them because, in the end, they aren’t invested like we are. They aren’t paying attention to these stories out of fear for their lives and the lives of their children and spouses, they are only tuned in out of black and brown contempt. This shit is trivial to them. It’s all a pissing contest to see who can be the most smug and condescending – and ultimately dismissive. When we debate these issues, we do so passionately – albeit, not always very articulate and often without a whole lot of depth to our arguments – but we always come from a place of genuine frustration, outrage and fear. When most white people debate the very same issues from an opposing stance, they do so from a place of perpetual obtuseness and indifference and their arguments always pretty much boil down to “If it isn’t my experience it couldn’t possibly be yours.” Even “well meaning” white folks tend to center them-fragile ass-selves in the discussion (#NotAllWhitePeopleOnFleek #IDontSeeColor #IveAlwaysBeenGoodToYouPeople #KumbayaMyLordKumbayaBitches). The fact is, they, both figuratively and literally, have no skin in the game.

Don’t get me wrong, white people are mad. They’ve gone their whole lives being the default for social and cultural normalcy and never really had to think critically about race at all. Now, social media comes along and suddenly their micro-aggressions are constantly being identified and challenged and their privilege is being shoved back down their unsuspecting throats. They’re getting the tint snatched off of their rose color glasses and that “Shiny City on the Hill” they know as America is starting to lose some of it’s gloss. And they ain’t here for that shit – but we are.

So we need to let them cry. Let them gripe about how white is the new black and they are now the true victims of racism because their black coworkers don’t invite them to lunch or some black guy on the train called them a cracker or, of course, because black people on the interwebs hurt…their…little…irrelevant ass… feelings. How nice it must be to have the option of simply loging off of your oppression.

We need to let them cry because, let’s face it people, white tears are delicious. They’re the most perfect blend of sweet and salty since fuckin’ Sour Patch Kids. But we need to learn how to just sit our intellectual selves back and enjoy them.

When Rachel Dolezal got her counterfeit ass black card snatched along with her counterfeit ass edges, we struck comedy gold for black meme makers all over the web. The “Ask Rachel” hashtag was born and scrolling through your Black Twitter feed became something like running a marathon. Only, the people on the sidelines were handing out little paper cups full of white tears instead of regular ol’ drinking water. But instead of enjoying ourselves, far too many of us were arguing with smug fucking white people about why this is completely different from Caitlyn Jenner and why this doesn’t, in any way, make “black privilege” a thing.

When Beyoncé released the video for Formation, featuring a black kid in a hoodie, a “Hands up, don’t shoot” banner and a sinking police car – then performed the song while paying homage to the Black Panther Party during the Super Bowl halftime show (and thus right smack in the face of white America) – she provided us with a bottomless open bar of white tears. But, instead of getting good and damn drunk like we should’ve been, too many of us were arguing with white folks about why nothing she did was racist, “reverse racist” or anti cop. We should’ve just took the win and let their asses cry.

Just a few weeks ago during the RNC, Melania Trump plagiarized a chunk of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech. And a lot of y’all were out here arguing with Trump supporters and other assorted delusional white folks who had the audacity to claim there was never any plagiarism at all. What you should’ve been doing was joining me, Jesse Williams and our beloved Black Twitter in intentionally misattributing black quotes to her dumbass… because… duh… it was fun.

Shit, I had a field day:

“Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna crumble” – Melania Trump

“When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cuz I slay” – Melania Trump

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.” – Melania Trump

Right now we have George Zimmerman getting knocked the fuck out in the street, Dylan Roof getting the dog shit beat out of him in prison, viral video of a black woman stomping the hell out of a white man for calling her a “nigger bitch” and black girl magic oozing all over the 2016 Olympics – And we have a sea of white spectators watching us celebrate ourselves and getting aggravated. And to all of this, I say “cheers”.

The fact is, we can fight systemic racism without white validation. We can continue shutting down bridges and highways every time there’s a new Alton Sterling, Philando Castile or Korryn Gaines in the news and let white folks complain about the intrusion on there lives. We can continue moving our black dollars into black banks and take steps towards removing ourselves from the mainstream economy altogether and keeping our money in our businesses and communities. We don’t need them to “get it” for us to keep fighting.

And likewise, white people who truly want to be allies can find their path to ally-ship without black validation and without us having to take time out of our days to educate them. They can find their own curriculum and figure out for themselves how they can do their part in fighting the good fight. And, again, they can do so without the promise of black praise. I’m no longer asking decent white people to “get their cousins”, I’m only expecting them to “get” themselves. And, I’m not even about to keep checking to see if they’re doing that much. Because it’s not my goddamn job – and it’s not yours either.

Black people, it is long past time for us to start practicing in self care. And if that means completely disengaging with white America altogether, then so be it.

157 thoughts on “Why It’s Time Black People Simply Disengage With White People In Discussing Race

  1. I like your style, but your headline and conclusion leave me perplexed. White people own America. They stole land and killed folks to get it, then dragged black folks here to develop it into the Land of Opportunity for white people. Today, every institution of education, wealth, power and influence is owned and controlled by white folks. The very media you display in the images above this commentary is 96% owned and controlled by white Americans. They control the narrative, the government, the business sectors, the education sector, the finance and investment sectors, resources for entrepreneurship and business productivity, etc. When they say they have the solution to creating more jobs, that’s code for handing taxpayer dollars over to white-owned contractors, corporations and small businesses that have no obligation to hire black folks as they expand their businesses to create more jobs.

    Nobody thinks to ask, “who” will create those jobs? Meanwhile, black entrepreneurs (black females particularly) are growing faster than weeds in a Louisiana backyard and lack resources to produce real business growth. All black-owned businesses produce LESS than 1% GDP. How does that change if we create an insular discussion about race?

    The problem isn’t talking to white people about race, who then pretend to be completely ignorant, blind and oblivious to the obvious history and hostility of white dominance, supremacy and privilege in America. That’s part of the problem.

    The other part of the problem is the fact that we don’t talk about WHITE economic history, and how they have changed the game in every century. 19th Century Agrarian Economy (black folks locked out). 20th Century Industrial Manufacturing Economy (black folks locked out). 21st Century Tech-Innovation Economy (will black folks participate, compete?).

    Let’s reframe the discussion and debate into a question of responsibility that the white private sector has for destroying the capacity of nonwhites to compete … and ask them what will they do about it today, given that the US is now incapable of achieving its highest economic competitiveness goals without black folks and brown folks contributing more than paltry percentages to the GDP and job growth. Let’s ask relevant economic questions and put folks on blast to own up to their responsibility so we can finally have an adult conversation about how we are together going to fix this mess they made.

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    1. Personally, i do not see where contributing to white supporters help black people at all. They only want to climb on the backs of black people as usual, exploit Africa as the next developing land mass. Watch them creep in trying to understand themselves and calling us names all day long. November will open up alot of different stuff. White women are so jealous of black women they cant stand it. Bitter and i dont know why. Hell they beat their sisters like it was no tomorrow for pretty dresses and laugh about it. Sickness. Love you ladies too. Get well and feel what a sister feels from now on….


    1. I am white, and I agree with you. I just can’t talk to other white people who are racist. Unfortunately, it becomes polarizing. However, I just don’t know what else to do. I can’t stomach them.

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      1. Okay as a white man who was raised around a lot of black people , sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have a chance in hell to change them at all. The importance of certain issues is just to let it be known. 2 + 2 = 4 I don’t care if you disagree or add something that else just cause you don’t get why I am saying 2 + 2 = 4. Black lives matter!!!! In my opinion should mandatory for police to say anytime they touch the gun in anyway. With paid leave of absence is my punishment for shooting an innocent man or any man without giving do process. So if legislative or executive or mostly importantly judicial branches give the police that much unchecked power then hard to take it from them. So instead of stop or I will shot, something we know, having yell BLACK LIVES MATTER will help them remember they’re not shooting target practice.

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    2. It’s been a long time since I’ve I’ve read a post that I’ve throughly enjoyed every word, sentence and paragraph. I’m done! No more arguing, trying to make whites ever again. Thank you!


      1. This is all it takes. So many times I need to say, let White or Pink people say as they will. Because we don’t have the energy to up all of this mess, we have better thing to do. Be Blessed, and let’s move on to better thing.
        I’m Just Saying.


    3. The point is they are ALL benefit from this system that was designed by/for them. So, disengaging will all of them is not a bad idea.


  2. You are so 100% absolutely right. I have felt the frustration of the argument which I continue to engage in because it just seems wrong to let people get away with stupid, but you are likely right when you point out that they DO get it . They choose their racism. They choose not to listen. They choose to refuse to acknowledge for 30 seconds that their view of the world might be wrong

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    1. OMG….this hit the nail on the head for me…..I have been so tired of the bullshit back and forth I just wanna scream….I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…but YOU VOUCED IT for me… just fuckin disengage…it really is that simple!

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      1. Do people really read with any hint of intelligence? Did my statement say that all Americans were descendants of slaves? My statement was “Most third and fourth generations of African Americans ‘who were’ descendants of slaves…” A basic level of intelligence can tell the difference between these two statements. Why do people have such a huge problem with reading something entirely different into what someone has said? Is it dyslexia or something? I see it all too often online.

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      2. You’re reading way to into it love. “Hurt” meaning saddened that they really just don’t care – and thus, have to be left behind/alone. Being raised by my White mother and having a White brother is a “little different” than what you’re suggesting. Regardless of your misinterpretation of them as “offended” which I’m not, I’m entitled to my emotions.


      3. You are right…you are entitled to your emotions. Many of us are hurt by the actions of white people and have been for centuries. Being the daughter of a mother who is part Irish doesn’t split me into sides, all of me (the African, Cherokee and Irish) is saddened by injustice and brutality. Notwithstanding, I do understand your sentiments. What I was pointing out is the fact that most of us here who come from slaves are mixed with either white and/or American Indian blood and may experience the same sadness or disappointment on different levels. But, one doesn’t have to have white blood in their African veins to be hurt or sad. If you don’t mind, can you share with us what your white mom teach you or what are her sentiments on headline news? What was life like for you growing up?


      4. The majority (most) of AA living in the Americus are descendants from slaves, as opposed to migrating here as immigrants from Africa, Asia, Australia or Europe. This is a no-brainer and verifiable info; besides, AA do know their own history…a shocker to some -I know! Coincidently, Aboriginal Africans who migrated to Australia are the true Native Americans having migrated to what is now known as South America, they were killed off by the American Indians who migrated to North America from Asia; the remnant of South American Africans who were left integrated and cohabitated with the North American Indians giving them some of their “blackness” back after being mixed with the albinism seed (European white) in Asia!


  3. You’re completely on point. I’ve lost time I can’t get back, going back and forth with people who should be able to grip common sense.


  4. I just had this conversation a white women was explaining her anger at a black women who had cursed at her and she went on to tell us because we all talked sometimes that shes going to respond to the black women negativity by saying ” i am not your “n” ” the entire room stopped because she talks with us black women everyday we have lunch together and all. We could not believe how many times after she kept saying the “n” word in anger until someone went off. I tried to explain to her that was the wrong choice of words in a room full of African Americans but she goes on to say shes not prejudice and told me to shut up and that shes cleaned up black people before in her line of work she went on and on until I snapped she finally walked out. I later realized how ignorant it was to even have a conversation with her and a complete waste of my time

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  5. I really appreciate this article because I have been feeling this way. Black people spend too much time arguing with white people and still lacking the strength and fight to do for self, love one another, reconstruct our own communities, educate our children, and protect our families. It’s sad. As you stated, we lack education to intellectually debate and shut down the sick and perverse hatefull regurgitation, white people express, and too many times leave with more anger than before we interacted in their madness. When we stop trying to prove ourselves to white society and put action in our ideas, and the passion of our desires for the betterment of our people, a unification will take place and immediately bring about the wiping out of their system and world. We keep their society alive and once we walk away, the wrathbwill be him to take place. Come Out of her My People who are called by my name. The oppressed, That’s black people. Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud. The more we shine the more they’ll whine.

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  6. This is excellent and a most accurate description of trying to have a logical debate over racial issues. I have learned to chuckle when a comment meant to dispel the very notion of racism happens to be a racist comment itself. It is a good lesson on how not to paint with the proverbial broad brush!


  7. Thank you for helping me deal with their ignorance or failure to acknowledge truths. Moving forward I will remember to do just that…ignore them.


  8. Man I’ve disengaged from them for a long time now. I’ve been telling my friends the same damn thing. I stopped because I realize I get the same understanding if I talk to a wall, with a lot less aggravation. So I’m good, and thanks for reaffirming that I am on the right track.


  9. When we recover n reassert our Africanness unequivocally n with in deference to white people the supreme power of truth of our history will convict n render them irrelevant to our resurrection n freedom.


  10. I am a white guy, my people are mayflower people. I have seen varying degrees of racism in my family, and it seems to me it was more intense in the older generations, although not all of my family are racist at all. My uncle married a woman from Mexico and they had three kids together. My aunt married a guy who’s parents were both Japaneese citizens, they have 2 kids. My grandmother was divorce from my grandfather and remarried a Jewish guy who lost the majority of his family to the NAZIs.

    As for myself I lost any and all fear of racial differences after being exposed to a wonderful documentary about mitochondrial DNA history narrated by Danny Glover. It showed me that it’s a fact that skin color can change from Lilly white to Charcoal black in families in as little as 30k years. Humans have been around for 600k. That means that everyone alive today has ancestors that have been black, white, and everything in between many times over. So while racism might be a real thing, race it’s self is an illusion. I think of people’s prejudice as strictly a cultural disagreement, tainted by fear and ignorance.

    I 100% support BLM’s goal of putting an end to Police killings and profiling Etc. But I think that the bottom line long term solution is to educate everyone about the real scientific truth about skin color. How can you judge someone on pigment when you owe your existence to your own ancestors who at several points in the past had that same hue?

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    1. Thank you! I’m also a Mayflower White. I didn’t ask to be but here I am cringing, humiliated, and angry that Human beings, in my haplogroup who have white skin, have been and continue to be killers of African derived people. No matter what I do personally to change racism, it still remains. I welcome the ongoing conversation. Sometimes it takes many “passes” to
      change awareness.


  11. That is one of THE. MOST. spectacular rants I have had the pleasure of seeing! Thank you so very much, not only for the power of your own expression, but for the obvious avenue(S) that you have provided for others to refine their own thinking in these messy arenas, and for them then to elaborate as appropriate for their own situations, extending outward like “ripples” on a pond!

    I am white, and a long-time sufferer under the enormity of trying to bring some level of awareness and/or understanding to other whites of this evil, over-arching, stultifying, discriminatory net of restricted movement that we whites have created and thrown over the entire black community. Well, clearly some white people do have some understanding of it, and I am also still learning new and horrible elements of it all the time, but the vast majority of the white population still does NOT “get” that this is N-O-T about them personally (it is a bunch of SYSTEMS that WE made, so WE must un-make), and it is N-O-T about black kids acting irresponsibly in the streets (what — white kids don’t do that?), and it is absolutely N-O-T about any “bootstraps” thing, it is the result of a WHOLE BUNCH of LAWS and shit that WE made, for the direct purpose of keeping you all in positions of less land, less health, less jobs, less education, and less anything else that we could think of.

    And it really helps to have someone like you put it all out there so very 1) clearly, and 2) cleverly that people will pick it up and internalize it and BE STRONG. (I have had to argue with people of color when I say “Black Lives Matter”, and they say back to me “All lives matter”!!!)

    I also am in the Atlanta area, and I love words, but I am no match for you, Sir! Kudos all around!


  12. Reblogged this on dyanna653 and commented:
    Could not have said as nice as this person did. But I know for a fact it is true. I had to give up for fear my eyes would keep rolling like a slot machine trying to talk to those people.


  13. While I agree with the basic sentiments this article communicates, I find it poor logic, and fundamentally damaging to the intended cause, to suggest that conversations with “white America” cease because the initial response from SOME (not all) white people isn’t one of total acceptance or attempted understanding. Pain is growth. And, change begins with uncomfortable conversations. The article does a nice job of calling more privileged people to action; as a white counselor at a title one school that has literally one enrolled white student, I definitely see a need for individuals of ALL cultural backgrounds to commit to a daily investment in underprivilegded communities- this isnt limited to “black America.” Aggressive policing happens in impoverished areas- this is a problem regardless of the color of your skin and needs to be addressed. Micro-aggressions occur from all cultures. I cant begin to tell you how many times students, and their family members, have made negative snap judgements or assessments about me based on the color of my skin. If were going to teach that microaggressions against blacks are wrong, we must teach that it is wrong toward anyone. The isolationism this article encourages further widens the gap between people of color, and white America. It also discounts the growing number of individuals of mixed race who identify with being both black and white- or any other combination of ethnicities. The history of racism in this country extends beyond black white issues, and I find it bothersome that other cultures who experienced forced acculturation, property robbing, rape and genocide often go overlooked. Black- white issues are not the only ones that exist in this country,and to reduce the current racial tensions to a black- white problem through a movement that excludes the acknowledgement of the historical/ current mistreatment of individuals from other culture, robs those cultures of their truth. I dont have to be black to understand social injustice, nor do I need to be black to talk about it intelligently. Everyone is welcome in the conversation. And yes, I DO live this example in my daily efforts toward social justice for all of the students of color I serve. Thanks, but Ill keep trying to have this conversation for as long as it takes.

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    1. This diatribe is all too common these days. It’s as if the author is saying 100% of “white” America are KKK members. The ignorance and idiocy spewed here is embarrassing.


      1. just be glad theyre “giving up” lol (what they ever had we’ll never know/never saw it)an attempt at civility? friendships? never saw it… but anyway… let them focus on money now.. “relations” isn’t their thang..we will all be glad in the end. especially whites.anything balcks decide to do .. will always be ok with whites.. we always let them do whatever they want and have stopped cleaning up the failures afterwards…now its all just on auto pilot.. that’s why they are all talking so much these days in every direction possible..they are literally left to themselves n auto pilot and doing damage control and trying to come up with some idea of how to be….. its cringe worthy..yes…but they just got work out all those inner demons somehow. they get mad at themselves a LOT when they keep putting on “ungraceful” displays in front of us so now they will just retreat. its all good.we never understood anyway. theyre a new breed. they’ve made a decision.. and some were unable to live with that decision. and now its plan B. we have bigger things to think about. I think they were surprised that they weren’t even on the list. they are newborn babies..standing for the very first time on their own.(newborn babies meaning as far as a group or culture given an opportunity others in other countries do not have to even try to make something of themselves in an environment where it is at least possible, for what feels like to them unchartered territory……..)


    2. First of all, please don’t pretend as though this is the first time in history that we have been trying to have this conversation with white america and we’re just “giving up”. No. This is a conversation we have been trying to have for hundreds of years to no avail. So for you to say that we should keep engaging is highly abusive. Secondly, you trying to place the issues of all minority race groups on the backs of this movement is so incredibly tone deaf. While some of our issues may intersect, very minority group has its unique struggles. So why would we speak for everyone when we can simply give them their own platform to speak on their issues just as we have done. Black people are not mules that should expected to pull the weight of all minority groups. Lastly, you as a white person are the one who should be having no this discussion with other white people. No one is telling you as a white person to stop, so the fact that you’re griping about that means you missed he whole point of the post. Frankly, the post was not speaking to you; it was speaking to black people who are tired of defending their very humanity and should take time for themselves.


  14. This is one of my favorite articles regarding race in politics so far. We’ve been wasting too much time over and over trying to teach interracial politics to Whites.

    Trivializing what is in our best interest to protect ourselves and loved one shouldn’t require no one’s approval. So called liberals can’t even grasp the fundamentals of our plight here in this country.

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  15. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve spoken to a white person about race – and many days I only speak with white people. But to talk about race? What is that going to do for me? Either they get it or they don’t want to and i have more important things to do than educate the willfully ignorant. And I have white friends who fall in both categories but I just take them as they are, look for the good in them, and call it a day, because in all fairness, this issue of willful ignorance transcends race. Politics, religion, the economy, same story. People develop their opinions, choose their facts to support their point of view, then double down on it whenever you try to bring a new perspective. Why aggrevate yourself?


    1. I vote to continue the conversation. It’s important that “white” people (I recoil from the term “white”) continue to find new ways to understand. Very few people, regardless of racial ID, have the capacity to be inside another’s skin and look at the world with the eyes of that other.


      1. Racism is a white problem. I refuse to expend precious time and energy convincing people that don’t associate with me in the first place that I’m worthy of their “respect”. Who cares what they think , say or do anymore. So if you want to have a dialogue, talk to your fellow whites, not me.
        I see it as a division of labor; I expend my resources on those projects that will pay dividends. Talking to the willfully ignorant who will not or cannot assist me is a waste of resources. So as far as I see it, generally , whites are irrelevant, inconsequential and irrelevant to the ambitions and aspirations of Black people. Once we come to that realization, the psychological blinders will disappear and we can focus our collective attention to solving our problems. Sorry to have to inform you but we’re letting you go.


  16. Dear Nutella,
    Why do you sarcastically use white names in your article? If I wrote about black people and gave them generic names – JaQuan, Faleisha, Boniqua, Shaunday, Tyrel…..Nutella – you would be outraged and you would call me a racist. With that you have lost all credibility.

    You, sir, are the racist and you hate white people because you believe you are a victim and we are the cause. In the words of Milo Yiannopoulos, “I don’t give a fuck about your feelings.” It is sad how many self loathing whites are showing you support in the comments after referring to us as “Mayonnaise”, but I guess since you’re angry enough you must be right 🙂


  17. This was absolutely spectacular. My friend, a toast to this. I want to be your friend.

    Seriously, (to the writer) can you post this on another website that gets more traffic? This needs to be seen by all of Black America.


  18. OMG I laughed my ass off reading your post. You are so funny. But you make excellent points. Sometimes separatism is necessary. It was necessary during the second wave of feminism . Don’t waste your energy educating stubborn white racists. That’s a job for other whites. We are the problem, so we should solve it (although our solutions might look a bit wonky without black consultation, advice). Peace and donuts.

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    1. It makes no sense to me to judge a group of people by skin color. Just as all black people are not [insert racist stereotype], it seems clear to me (and, I would assume, all reasonable people) that neither are all white people insensitive, deliberately ignorant racists.

      I recognize that the rage that motivates protest is absolutely valid and that the evidence of the injustice that fuels the anger is indisputable to anyone but racists. Nevertheless, framing the response through a window that is equally flawed as the racists’ own window is not helpful.


      1. Oh yeah. This one is FANtastic! I’m gonna do it too! You know I gag when admitting to be “a person of white.” Think I’m just gonna say Jewish from now on, and that I am heavily peppered with African roots!

        Sent from my iPhone



  19. Here we are still having discussions about race. I’m certain that all people are aware of the delusions, injustices, etc., that still plague people of color. Instead of talking about it and going around in circles, put yourself in their shoes. You have no idea until you live it.


  20. Deeply unimpressed. You waste your time debating racists on blogs, then throw out patronizing generalizations about “white tears” and whites as a whole. Dismissing tens of millions of allies and engaging in racism yourself suggests to me you’ve spent too much time with alt right trolls and are now emulating them.

    Never worry, I will continue to fight the good fight despite your condescension, divisiveness, and racism… because I can make distinctions between you and more mature, constructive activists who fight for more than a few years before getting burned out from frustration.

    Maybe it’s best you disengage from this effort altogether, probably doing more harm than good.


  21. Awesome great article as I a white man sick of black people smelling up establishments hooting and hollering like apes in malls I love the idea of blacks sticking to their one store and banks. Please segregate yourselves !!!!

    Your people fought so hard to get past separate but equal so man years ago and you sub humans are finally realizing it was a mistake

    And all the dumb liberals who actually believe black lives matter can come live with you.

    Great idea !!! Please get moving on this idea black people you can have Detroit and Chicago since you already ran those into the ground they would make a perfect getto


    1. Hey Johnny,thanks for the laugh. I read all of this in shit kicker redneck voice (“hooting and hollering”? Really, Billy Joe?).

      But, a little advice Walker, it is 2017 and I’d say it’s about time you people updated your slurs a little. I mean come on Hunter, white people been calling us apes since your great, great, great, great grand pappy Wilfred pulled the first one of us off the boat. I get that creativity isn’t typically you people’s strong point – otherwise you would’ve learned to cook with spices, clap on beat and add a little rhythm to your stiff ass line dances by now – but try a little harder Skip, that’s all I’m saying.

      Maybe at the next Klan meeting you can discuss it in between talks about appropriating black culture while hating black people and figuring out how to stop smelling like bologna (black people use wash clothes, Mitch)

      Anyway, thanks for reading Greg and thanks for the feedback. Nothing like a fresh cup of white tears in the morning.


      1. Don’t worry these tears are not from sadness their of joy for today we finally get a real president !!!! A white man to run this country right again 🙂

        So drink up my ape friends for today tens of thousands of American children will final know what it’s like to have a white president



        And yes the slur ape is old but if it ain’t Broke don’t fix it. And besides have you have stood next to an ape ?? Do it take a selfie and tell me your not cousins


  22. White people could care less they know their whole life is a fake they spend their time trying to get rid of us but they can’t. This is why I can socialize with a white person but being friends with them is a no no once some racists stuff happens they clueless to it so they say so I’m not closed minded but why waste my time trying to reason with a liberal are a conservative white person when clearly both are dangerous the liberal is more dangerous I don’t trust neither one that’s why I am not looking forward to being friends with them they are completely delusional.


  23. My family are European- I and my brothers were born in London but we all left the UK in 1970 to live in Cyprus with my family. In 1973 we all returned to the UK (Liverpool) just as the Turkish invasion began. Although I and my brothers are British born, having European parents meant we inherited slightly dark skin. Racism is not just a word- in my life and my families life while living in Liverpool in the UK has been a war- our car was torched, house smashed up, parents beaten in their own home, brother put in hospital, myself abducted by two racists from the same school and threatened and beaten. me and my brothers spent our young life, a time that should have been happy taking turns at the bedroom window waiting for the racists to come and smash our home and they did- sometimes two or three times a week. The Police did nothing and the racism at school involved beatings and in one incident I was pushed through a glass window at twelve years of age- the teachers tried to make my parents pay for the glass. I have posted some videos on my page and hopefully it may just make people realise what “real racism” is. Nobody likes being called names- whether its because of your weight, race, gender etc but being at war for forty years is another level.


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